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Entertainment news reporters, journalists, celebrities, known personalities, and netizens have spoken about “Culion” and we are overwhelmed with their positive feedback!

“Culion” opened last Dec. 25 along with other 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival entries. Many highlighted the short but essential scene of John Lloyd Cruz as well as the ending of the movie. (Watch the film on why they are talking about the ending.)

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What to Expect from the MMFF Entry, ‘Culion’ the Movie

With the recent release of Culion’s full trailer, it can’t be deny that it has added excitement, with those who have seen it can’t wait to watch the film.

“Culion” has been creating buzz online from the moment filming was set to begin, to the release of teaser and ad campaign posters, up to the announcement of its inclusion to this year’s MMFF. The historical film has always managed to surprise everyone. It remains one of the most anticipated movies of this quarter, and netizens have been following updates, eager to know more.

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