Culion Palawan | Culion Film

Culion | Historical Timeline: From the Establishment of Leper Colony to Leprosy-free Declaration

1960s. A new and effective treatment for leprosy known today as Multidrug Therapy (MDT)was discovered.

1980s. – Leprosy on the island was eradicated.

June 22, 1988. R.A. No. 6659 was passed by the Congress. It gave the qualified residents of Culion the right to vote for the provincial officials of the Province of Palawan.

1991. A house bill for the creation of the Municipality of Culion was introduced by Speaker Ramon Mitra and House Representative David Ponce De Leon.

February 12, 1992. Culion was finally declared as a municipality through the Republic Act 7193 which was signed by then Philippine President, Corazon Aquino.

May 8, 1995. The first election of Culion’s municipal and barangay officials was held.

October 29, 1988. The power to govern the Municipality of Culion was officially transferred from the Department of Health to the Municipality.

2006. The World Health Organization declared the town of Culion as a leprosy-free municipality.

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