Culion Palawan | Culion Film

Culion | Historical Timeline: From the Establishment of Leper Colony to Leprosy-free Declaration

1901. After a thorough inspection of many other sites, Culion was chosen to become a leper colony.

October 27, 1902. An initial fund worth $50,000 was released to begin the establishment of Culion Leper Colony.

August 22, 1904. The Executive Order to transfer the jurisdiction and control of Culion from Coron was signed by the Governor of the Government of the Philippine Islands, Luke E. Wright.

May 27, 1906. Culion Leper Colony opened its gates to the first batch of leper patients. All aboard the two American ships Polilio and Mindanao were 370 patients from Cebu who were brought to Culion to live a life of isolation.

September 12, 1907. The Act 1711 of the Philippine Commission, an act providing for the compulsory apprehension, detention, segregation, and treatment of lepers in Culion was passed.

1906 to 1910. More than 5,303 leper patients were brought to Culion. 

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