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Culion | Historical Timeline: From the Establishment of Leper Colony to Leprosy-free Declaration

The history of Culion is a story of struggle and victory that spanned for more than a century. The island that we know today along with its community is very different from the one that people knew back in the day.

More than a hundred years ago, Culion was a well-known leprosarium that was isolated from the rest of the world. It carried many untold stories of suffering and desperation. But the people who had once lived here fought so hard every day to live a life of normalcy and longed for the day when hope would finally be restored on this island.

A hundred years later, their cries were heard. Gone are the days of seclusion. A cure has finally been found. Culion now is no longer a leprosarium, but a flourishing town filled with kindhearted people.

So, before we start exploring the island’s countless wonders, let us take the time to listen to its history first: a bittersweet era that is worth revisiting because Culion’s interesting past is an integral part of the island’s overall beauty.

Now, here’s a brief rundown of how a once secluded island for leper patients has come to be known as a progressing municipality today.

December 10, 1898. The Treaty of Paris was signed, transferring the control of the Philippines from Spain to the United States. The Americans wanted to isolate cases of leprosy from the rest of the public as part of their goal of establishing an effective form of public health policy in the Philippines.

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