Culion Palawan

Historical Sites To Visit In Culion

Culion, much like the rest of Palawan, can boast its share of beautiful beaches and natural wonders, but its rich culture and historical relevance sets it apart. Visitors will be enchanted by the sights, but they will definitely remember Culion for the stories it brings.

Here are some of the historical sites in Culion one should not miss during a visit to the island:

1. The Marker

obelisk Culion Palawan

Standing ostentatiously on the side of the town, near the shore, is a majestic obelisk. This grand piece of stone serves as a marker for the location of the old harbor where the first batch of leper patients arrived. The account of that historical day is carved on the obelisk’s body.

2. The Lower Gate

Lower Gate Culion Palawan
The Lower Gate | Culion, Palawan

When Culion was still a colony, the island was divided into what seemed to be two diifferent worlds: the world of the “leproso” or those afflicted with the disease, and the world of “sano”, both of which were separated by two gates. One of the gates is located at Lower Balala, and is called the Lower gate. Anyone passing through the gates had to wash their hands and feet with disinfectant. They believed this would help contain the disease.

3. The Upper Gate

Upper Gate Culion Film Palawan
The Upper Gate | Culion, Palawan

The other gate is located at the Upper Balala near Plaza Basa Avellana and is aptly called the Upper Gate. However, the one in the picture is not the original structure. This was only remade and used as one of the filming locations for the movie “Culion”. The exact spot where the original gate had once stood is located few meters away from this remade version.

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