Culion MMFF 2019

CULION FILM | Cast and crew complete filming despite typhoon Falcon, power outage

Although the filming of Culion is finally done, the two weeks that led to its conclusion wasn’t easy for the people who were part of this massive project.

Everyone on the set, from the actors to the production staff and crew, had their share of challenging moments during the shoot.

For one, Typhoon Falcon was unrelenting. Flights were cancelled, refunded and rebooked. Some crew had to be rerouted to Cebu and Clark because they couldn’t land on Busuanga due to the bad weather. The producers even had to exclusively rent a plane just to send some actors to the filming location, otherwise the filming couldn’t have commenced.

But this was just the tip of the iceberg.

On Day 1, everyone hoped for the rain to abate so the first day of shooting would run smoothly. But clearly, the universe had another plan for that day as the rain didn’t stop at all. The crew from RSVP and Outpost had to ensure that the equipment wouldn’t get wet amidst transferring them from one location to another. It’s a good thing that the production team was ready with umbrellas, raincoats and tents. But even umbrellas couldn’t withstand the raging rain, and the real setback occurred when the scheduled outdoor scenes couldn’t be shot because of it . As a consequence, necessary adjustments were made to the shotlist and the actors had to adjust their schedules as well.

Culion movie shooting day | Culion, Palawan
Typhoon Falcon welcomes the cast and crew on Day 1 at Culion, Palawan

The Production Design team also needed to rework some of the made-up sets after being ruined by the rain.

’Yung set na pinagpaguran ng PD halos washed out, especially ‘yung mga tinambakan ng lupa,” one of the production staff said.

Even the Visual Effects team had to accept additional work because many scenes were done on green screen.

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