Culion movie cast

Culion Movie | Iza, Meryll, Jasmine getting ready for Culion’s upcoming shooting

The main cast of Culion has done with their prosthetic to get ready for the shoot this July 15 in the Culion in Palawan.

We’re excited with this film to help break the stigma attached with Culion. From this movie, they would like to end it by telling the lives and struggles of the people in the island during the time the cure was not discovered yet.

Culion is set between 1940 and 1941 and will focus on three women who represent the struggle, the battle, and the hope.

Iza Calzado (Anna), Meryll Soriano (Ditas), and Jasmine Curtis-Smith (Doris) will help us tell the past stories of people of Culion.

We hope to see the film this December 2019 included in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2019!

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